Thai therapy Massage

Take the opportunity to revitalise your body 

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Why Thai Touch Massage

Daily  stress is accumulate  in our body and the signs are not always clear. The way to regain our health is to not ignore them for long. 

Thai for Everybody

Thai Massage is for anybody regardless of age

Renewing Your Mind

Any spiritual form that can relax our mind is beneficial to us

Harmonize the Body

Equilibrium is a Latin word that paths the way to happiness

Small Group

Some times more than a one can be benefit from this art

Live the Life You Love

Love the live you live, acceptance for reality is the big first step

Thai for Real Energy

Human body is made to be revitalized every day

Thai Touch Gallery

every form of human expression is sacred
every human body has unlimited potential to be creative

Our program

Thai Touch Massage is created according to specific need.
A preview examination from your GP some times is needed

Thai Trainer

Each and every trainer is highly qualified to the core of   Thai Massage practice